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Hydrogen Peroxide for Teeth Whitening

While most people know hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant used for many purposes in the household, it has also proved to have numerous benefits in the health of many people. Changes in the lifestyles of many people have contributed a lot in the decay of their teeth. Why say this? You will see people start their days in the morning by drinking coffee that has numerous effects on their teeth. This is because coffee has ingredients that can make your teeth yellow if proper precautions are not taken to prevent the occurrence. A prolonged dinking of these staining drinks can make your teeth stain permanently forcing you to look for the best teeth whitening options available in the market. One of those solutions available in the market is the use of hydrogen peroxide.

The latest research has shown that h2o2 has an incredible teeth whitening agent that will redefine your smile once again. This has made many people to adopt using peroxide whenever they are whitening their teeth.

Why use hydrogen peroxide when whitening your teeth?

First, it is cheap when compared to other product available in the market. Through this, you will save some money you could have spent when buying other products in the market. It also gives quick results much better than the other products that the market offers. Finally, it has no side effects on teeth compared to other teeth whitening in the market.

How does it work to whiten your teeth?

A simple investigation done last year indicated that it has active whitening ingredients that often react with the yellow compounds found on your teeth. This is the same agent that is found in most of the strips, gels, whitening pastes as well as mouthwashes. This means that instead of spending more money buying these products, you can save money by buying a brown bottle of  peroxide.

You have to ensure that you buy a bottle with a concentration of 3 percent if you want the best results since over diluted may lower the results when using it. Once you apply it on your teeth, use your brush just like you often brush when using the toothpaste that are often sold in the market. You need to be careful at your gums since prolonged exposure may sometimes make them harmful. In addition, whenever you are using them, make sure that you read the instructions given since failure to follow them may cause negative effects in your gums that often have long-term negative effects in your body.

What are the steps for whitening  teeth?

The steps are simple:
1. Thoroughly brush your teeth
You have to make sure you brush your teeth effectively before rinsing with clean water. This will help you remove the food particles that may be found in your teeth that may prevent hydrogen peroxide from working.

2. Apply directly on your teeth

You need to apply to your teeth directly before allowing foaming to occur. This foaming often occurs as result of reaction of yellow components in your teeth with the chemical process.

3. Wait for 1-2 minutes with it in your mouth

You should always wait for at most 2 minutes while h2o2 is in your mouth. As a special tip, make sure you do not allow it on your gums or lips since it may have negative effects in your mouth.
4. Rinse your mouth out using a swish of water. This will definitely make your teeth white after 3-4 days.
For a paste:

1. Add hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to form paste.
2. Apply the paste generously to your teeth. Make sure you protect it from going to your gums due to the negative effect that it might have in your gums.
3. Allow the mixture of  peroxide and baking soda in your mouth for about 1-2 minutes before rinsing with water. Since the process is always more abrasive, you should always limit it to once every week and this will definitely give you the best results.

In conclusion, having tainted teeth can be embarrassment and this offers you the best solution for those people who want to enhance their smiles once gain. In addition, this will also enable you save money you would have spent when using other teeth whitening products in the market.