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Potential Negative Effects of Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a major ingredient in almost all home teeth whitening products available on the market. Using Hydrogen peroxide in the proper dilution is an inexpensive and easy method to get white teeth.

It is a very reactive chemical comprising hydrogen and oxygen. It is broadly applied in paper and textile industry for bleaching purposes. In the medical and household field, this chemical is used as a disinfectant. Some people use peroxide to bleach hair. You need to dilute 3% of the chemical with water 50/50, and then spray the mixture on your wet hair and comb well.

Most of the whiteners are applied on the teeth by filling up teeth trays with a whitening paste and then placing these trays over the teeth. It is then left for sometime to allow it to work. You can purchase it in most drug stores. In ancient times, it was used as a paint remover; however, since the previous decade it has been applied in the dental field as a whitener. This is because dental practitioners charge absurd prices.

negative effects of hydrogen peroxide

People using h2o2 experience teeth sensitivity as well as gum pain. This discomfort goes away when you discontinue treatment. Another less typical side effect is throat soreness. This can be reduced by not swallowing any of the chemical and avoid keeping it inside your mouth for a long period. Swallowing it can result to a harmful reaction with the natural vitamins, such as, Vitamin K found in your stomach. Vitamin K helps to digest food well. Never use it if you have cuts in your mouth because it can damage your gum tissue like methylated spirits. It can also result to gum irritation and temperature changes

Excess use of peroxide can have harmful effects on your teeth. Overuse result to enamel damage and mouth tissue. Avoid daily treatment and use it twice per week or a couple times a month. It’s very essential to avoid using it excessively.

It should not be used to treat severe wounds because it does more damage than good. It kills bacteria, but also kills healthy bacteria and cells trying to heal the wound. According to studies, during World War 1 physicians used antiseptics to treat soldiers’ wounds; however, they still died. It can slow the healing process and worsen scarring by damaging healthy cells surrounding the wound. Patients should seek professional medical help in case of serious wounds as the wound might require stitches.

Receding gums also know as gingival recession, is a condition whereby tooth roots become exposed due to loss or damage of gum tissue. Hydrogen peroxide may cause receding gums. It is a very critical condition and you should visit a dentist immediately to avoid tooth loss. If left untreated, this condition can result to great risk of tooth decay as well as other oral ailments, such as, poor bite, sore jaw, tooth loss, or periodical disease. Ensure that you perform great oral hygiene program after every meal.

Dental formulas may cause blisters or sores in the moth depending on the amount of solution applied. In mild solutions, it simply causes a stinging feeling after rinsing. Rinsing with peroxide reduces sores and irritation compared using dental trays. This chemical penetrates the enamel well and this deep penetration increases the risk of sensitivity to hot or cold drinks. Any type of touch or pressure can result without use of hot or cold drinks. This kind of sensitivity is associated with applying h2o2 on teeth, and usually reduces after treatment is stopped.

According to research, peroxide causes slight erosion on enamel surface of the teeth. After bleaching, more slots in between the teeth were observed. Your tooth enamel may suffer from thinning and de-mineralization. This makes your teeth more sensitive since the protective layer is destroyed by corrosion of the chemical. When using whiteners expect to observe white spots on the gums and other parts in your mouth.

Peroxide is harmful to your gums; that is why professional dentist ensure that they fit bleaching trays on the teeth to avoid it getting around the gums. If you wish to whiten our teeth use a whitening tooth paste and floss regularly.